• How to GraphQL on NodeJS. Quickly get started with these resources

    GraphQL with NodeJS

    1 – A bit of history about GraphQL and how it started 2 – GraphQL vs. REST https://www.apollographql.com/blog/graphql/basics/graphql-vs-rest/ 3 – GraphQL full course – Novice to expert. An amazing lecture on the @freeCodeCamp YouTube channel. Really well explained and helps you understand core concepts (backend and frontend) 4 – Building modern APIs with GraphQL. Amazing […]

  • How to migrate over a million users from Parse to Django on AWS

    A case study that provides a deep understanding of how we helped migrate one of our client’s servers to Django from Parse and rebuild their entire infrastructure landscape in the process on AWS

  • Need some positivity in your life? You need to watch this now

    JOE PERA TALKS WITH YOU is the best thing that happened to me for some positivity in my life lately. If you wondering Joe Pera will talk to you over the phone, no that’s not it 🙂, It is actually a show on Adult Swim where Joe Perra talks about a specific topic in each […]

  • Understanding Kubernetes and its components

    Horizontal scaling is amazing when it comes to scaling software in the cloud and with the current state of cloud services, it is really easy to scale solutions horizontally. Kubernetes (aka, k8s) has made it really easy to manage containers and scale a software solution The name Kubernetes originates from Greek, meaning helmsman or pilot. […]