GraphQL with NodeJS

How to GraphQL on NodeJS. Quickly get started with these resources

1 – A bit of history about GraphQL and how it started

2 – GraphQL vs. REST

3 – GraphQL full course – Novice to expert. An amazing lecture on the @freeCodeCamp YouTube channel. Really well explained and helps you understand core concepts (backend and frontend)

4 – Building modern APIs with GraphQL. Amazing talk from AWS on building modern APIs GraphQL and their offerings

5 – The Modern GraphQL Bootcamp (with Node.js and Apollo). Learn how to build GraphQL applications using Node. Includes Prisma v1, authentication, Apollo Client, and more!


Want to simplify your GraphQL and NodeJS development with typescript? @nestjs has a really simple implementation of GraphQL and takes a lot of hassle away. GraphQL combined with @typescript helps you develop better type safety with your GraphQL queries, giving you end-to-end typing



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